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2023 Southern Colorado Kidney Walk

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2023 Southern Colorado Kidney Walk
Sunday, September 24 | Memorial Park

One simple step can change a life.


Your walk builds hope for a future without suffering—for every person in this fight. Are you with us?

By participating in the 2023 Southern Colorado Kidney Walk, you’ll let others know they’re not alone. 

We are looking forward to everyone this Sunday!  Look below for more information about the Walk and what to expect!  

Have any questions about the walk this coming Sunday?  Read our FAQs here!


Unable to attend on Sunday, September 24, 2023?
No problem! You are always welcome to walk on your own time. You can utilize our app to connect with other walkers in your area and across the U.S. who are choosing to walk the same way!  No matter how you choose to walk we will all be united by our belief in the need for better care and longer lives for kidney patients – for YOU and the ones you love.

The Best Part…
Getting started is the same no matter which option you choose!

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  • Get creative: check out the Fundraiser Toolkit for easy ways to have fun, raise money and make a difference in someone’s life.

Meet a true kidney hero living in Southern Colorado:
Frank (Skip) Johnson

Hi! I am Skip Johnson. My given name is Frank Gilbert Johnson IV. I have been married just over 31 years to my wife, Shelly. Our only child, my son, Chase (Frank V) and his wife Breleigh live here in Colorado Springs. We have been blessed with 2 young grandsons. My journey with kidney disease started in 1993. While being treated for a mountain biking accident, the doctors found that I had a secondary kidney disease; just a ‘mild abnormality’ that would not impact my life. For many years it did not seem to be an issue. As time went on, I would experience unexplained stomach bug symptoms. As the years went by, those became more frequent. I was biking a lot and towing my son around behind me. My energy levels were going down so turned back to playing tennis. I played singles for years but moved to doubles as my energy levels decreased. Through my annual follow up visits with Pikes Peak Nephrology, we eventually found that my other kidney was only working less than 10%. So, one kidney was diseased, and one kidney was essentially non-functioning. What was a mild abnormality became end stage renal disease. Bounce forward to 2006, I was compromised enough that it was time to move to peritoneal dialysis and a donor search. My wife, family, and many friends (and their friends) tested to be a kidney donor. I am overwhelmed at the fact that so many people, some who I did not know, were testing to be a living kidney donor. My brother, James, was found to be a match and after one year on dialysis, the surgery to take one of my brother’s kidneys and transplant it into me took place at Anschutz Hospital in Denver. The improvement in my physical health was immediate. I had the color of life in my face again. Since that transplant in 2007, I continue to live a healthy life. James’ kidney has done so well! My brother is also healthy. I am forever grateful to my Lord and Savior for directing each step from discovery of disease to transplant. He put the right doctors, the right specialists, the right hospitals, and the right family to give me more years of life. I continue to feel good and look forward to using this perfect gift for many more years. 

Join Skip and others on his team at
Pikes Peak Nephrology Associates here!

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We can't wait to see you at the 2023 Southern Colorado Kidney Walk! 

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raised of $73,000 goal

Sunday, September 24, 2023
Festivities Begin:  8:30 am


Memorial Park
1605 E Pikes Peak Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Jackie Hahn
720.748.9991 x450

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