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My 2024 Salisbury Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Cris Henderson
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Cris Henderson

Why I walk -

The short answer: because my husband, Rick,  had both kidney cancer in 2012 and later had kidney failure in 2015 resulting in his being on dialysis until 2018 when he lost his battle. 

It was a journey that we did not expect and I doubt that anyone else who’s experienced chronic kidney disease ever did either. How do you begin to know what to do? What would YOU do? Let me ask you a few questions:

- Do you know what lab tests indicate how your kidney is functioning and when you should start to worry?

- Do you know what medications you might be taking that might be harmful to your kidneys?

- Do you know that there are options for how you can do dialysis, some of which can be done in your own home?

- Do you know what your kidneys actually do and what other major organs in your body are influenced by the health of your kidneys?

Thanks to the NKF we were able to find out the answers to all of these questions and much more. And if you or a loved one is faced with kidney issues, you will need lots of answers and help, too. 

I will continue to walk each year so that future kidney patients and their families will be able to benefit from those like us who have already walked in their shoes. So….

Please consider supporting my efforts with a generous donation. 


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