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My 2024 Long Island Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Ronald Rice
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Ronald Rice

Caden - of Welsh origin, derived from the name Cadogan, which means "battle-fierce" or "warrior."

Why We Walk

Our son, Caden, was born with stage 5 (end stage) chronic kidney disease in both kidneys. In his first few days of life, his kidneys were failing and he was transported to a hospital in Manhattan where he was expected to go on dialysis. Miraculously, his kidneys began to function on their own and he was able to avoid dialysis and continue being monitored closer to home. He spent 23 total days in the NICU and has since been closely monitored. 
Because of this disease, Caden requires multiple daily medications, a prescription formula, frequent bloodwork and ultrasounds, and gets extra formula overnight through a G-tube (a feeding tube that is surgically placed directly into the stomach). This will help him gain weight so he can reach the target weight where can safely receive a new kidney.
Although Caden's kidney function has been relatively stable, we don't expect there to be much improvement. Caden will require a kidney transplant in his future. At 5 months old, he was placed onto the transplant list in a deferred status where he will accrue time until a transplant becomes necessary. 

We walk to support the efforts of the National Kidney Foundation in hopes that the work that they do can provide assistance and support to all affected by kidney disease and we walk for Caden, who will be battling this disease for his entire life. 

We appreciate all who have taken the time to read this, make a donation, or join us in our walk. 


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