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My 2024 Memphis Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Kathryn Dixon
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Kathryn Dixon

WHY I walk: Hey Everybody! In April of 2023, I was informed by my Endocrinologist, Dr Latif, and my Nephrologist, Dr. Wasim Ballouk, that I have Stage 4 Kidney disease. They proactively got approval for a kidney transplant and while they were at it a pancreas transplant. I have been working with the Memphis Transplant Center at Methodist University Hospital. I have been approved to he.on the wait-list to get the dual transplant. I've been told that those waiting for the dual surgery, the wait time is not very long. The Kidney Walk this year is September 28 at Shelby Farms. If you walked with me last year, I encourage you to join me again this year! I am going to make team t shirts this year. AND, if you donate/raise$100 you get a kidney walk t-shirt. Last year, in a short amount of time, I raised $1100, so I've set my goal a little higher. Just go to the link and let's start raising funds for the National Kidney Foundation! #gokatgo #ckdawareness I walk to support the lifechanging work of the National Kidney Foundation: - To ensure that families will have a place to turn when they need answers. - To keep up the fight for policy changes to protect kidney patients and living donors. - To drive innovation in transplantation and get more loved ones off the kidney transplant waitlist. Are you with me? PLEASE CONSIDER SUPPORTING MY EFFORTS WITH A GENEROUS DONATION.


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