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Lexie Poudrier's Upstate and WNY Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Lexie Poudrier

Lexie Poudrier

Why I Walk

Kidney disease is unfortunately dominantly inherited in my family. My grandpa had Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), as well as his siblings, his children, and his grandchildren. The list seems to be never ending, and in 2018 I joined that list officially being diagnosed with PKD.
Watching family members experience transplants (some even two !!) and struggle through dialysis, I am very familiar with the impact of the disease. With a possible transplant or dialysis in my future, it is a blessing to know that each family member who has received or is waiting for a transplant, has known their donor – a significant other, family member, or friend.
My mom, Kimberly, had PKD and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), making her uncomfortable with the idea of a transplant and recovery time leaving dialysis to become part of her routine – three days a week, for almost 6 years. We named her dialysis AV fistula Thor to keep things exciting and positive, like we name most things in our life and home. Thor became stubborn within two years which ultimately gave mom only one option, to get a hemodialysis catheter in her chest. If you know Kim, you know she made her dialysis unit her second family – always bringing snacks, getting all the gossip, and asking for princess treatment when arriving.

This year I am fundraising and walking in honor of my beautiful momma, Kimberly Ferrauilo-Poudrier, and the Ferrauilo Family. I know my mom will be rolling with me, and I hope you can join me as well on Sunday, September 17th !!

Please consider supporting my efforts with a donation !

The Ferrauilo Family & Transplants

Michael A. Ferrauilo, Sr, my grandpa, was on dialysis before receiving his first transplant in 1996 from his sister Teresa and second transplant in 2009 from his partner Giovanna. His sisters Debbie and Bonnie both received transplants – Debbie from her cousin Paula in 2019 and Bonnie received her first transplant from her daughter’s cousin-in-law Staford in 2001 and second transplant from an organ donor Kyle in 2005 and is currently on dialysis due to complications. His three children, Michael, Kimberly, and Joe – Michael received his kidney in 2006 from his wife Nancy and Joe received his first transplant from an employee Pam and his second in 2022 from his wife Michelle. Kimberly was on Dialysis since 2017. Tifany (Bonnie’s Daughter) will receive her transplant in 2023 from a co-worker Julie. There are still many family members unlisted living with PKD who have not needed a transplant or dialysis - my grandpa's father and his aunts/uncles were the first known with PKD, passing it down throughout the future generations. 
With support like yours, The National Kidney Foundation will continue to develop new programs to help families receive the support, resources or answers they need. Your donation is ensuring the commitment to a better quality of life through research, advocacy and increasing living kidney donation.


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