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With love and gratitude. Thanks for joining the fight!

Kristen Ryan

Kristen Ryan

I have learned a lot about myself in the last several years: my energy feeds from the enthusiasm, passion, and compassion of others; I LOATHE all forms of  exercising (but will still try and do it); and I have a very deep love, respect, appreciation, and connection to our Kidney Community.  

Many of you know my family’s kidney journey, and for those who don’t - I will just say that we did not end up with the rosy outcome we so badly hoped for; which, for an eternal optimistic, whose “glass is always half full” has been devastating … but also motivating. I may feel helpless in my family’s journey, but I will continue to be a fierce advocate for our Kidney Community and The National Kidney Foundation of Upstate and Western New York, that now serves over 8 million New Yorkers! With crucial legislation on the table regarding living donation, and the Supreme Court decision Marietta Memorial Hospital v. DaVita (which functionally exempts employer-sponsored health plans from covering maintenance dialysis for individuals with kidney failure), we have a lot of work to do in advocating for our Kidney Community and continuing to provide the critical support and resources. 

I am extremely honored to be Chairperson of the Upstate and WNY Kidney Walk that will take place LIVE (!) on September 18, 2022. 

Please join me, my family, and our community in the fight for kidney care, by donating or registering to walk with West’s Walkers. I appreciate you. 

With all of the love and gratitude, always,



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