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My 2022 Southern Colorado Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Brandon Dignadice

Brandon Dignadice

Why I Walk

I have suffered from chronic kidney disease since childhood. I lost my first kidney at age 5, and lost my second kidney at age 15. I received the first gift of life by a donation from my hero father, Cezar.  After four years, that kidney started rejection and I lost it, and began a four year long journey of dialysis treatments until his second gift of life donation. I was lucky enough to receive a high risk kidney from an unknown hero, deceased donor, in October of 2013.  Since that transplant, I am living 9 years strong with positivity!  I walk in support of people facing the same hardships I have faced with chronic kidney disease! 

I walk to support the lifechanging work of the National Kidney Foundation:
     - To ensure that families will have a place to turn when they need answers.
     - To keep up the fight for policy changes to protect kidney patients and living donors.
     - To drive innovation in transplantation and get more loved ones off the kidney transplant waitlist.

Please join our fight and walk with us or consider donating to help those not as lucky as I have been. Thank you!


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