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My 2021 Rochester Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Keshia Warren

Keshia Warren

Welcome Family and Friends! Please join me on Sept. 19 for a virtual walk honoring kidney patients like myself in the fight for kidney disease. I would really appreciate your fundraising support this year to help the Rochester NKF achieve our $100,000 goal. I’ll celebrate my 3 yr. transplant anniversary the day before the virtual walk 🙌🏽 and on August 14, 2021 I had the long-awaited pleasure of meeting my kidney donor Jamie and all of her (& now my) family in Atlanta🎉. Having Jamie, my living “voucher” donor and Carrie, my “paired-share” donor in my life is the icing on our 3-year anniversary cake 🥳! Thanks, Keshia 


raised of $2,000 goal

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Sending all our love and support! Happy 3 year kidney-versary!

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