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My 2023 Pittsburgh Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Joe Buser

Joe Buser

WHY I WALK Below is my journey of my kidney donation to a very close friend of mine. Result: He feels FANTASTIC & my kidney is pumping new life into him!! I also feel AMAZING!! 9/7/23 Surgery was performed at NY Prespyterian Weill Cornell. Very excited & ready to do this for my close friend. 9/8/23 Surgery went well for both my close friend & I. He is already feeling great with my kidney transplanted into him. His function increased 3x in just 1 day! My kidney is pumping new life into him! As for me, I was discharged in 1 day following surgery. I was told I may have set a record for quickest discharge at NY Weill Cornell. As I'm writing this, I am at my sisters for further recovery. I'm feeling GREAT & BLESSED!! Weill Cornell has great surgeons, anesthesia, residents, nurses & support staff. I never wanted or needed anything during my stay. Here is a pic with my two nurses today who wanted me out of the hospital!! 9/10 3 days post surgery & I am feeling GREAT & BLESSED!! My buddy told me this morning that is clearance is now 1.18 ( anything close to 1 is ideal). My kidney is working well within him!! Makes me sooo happy we did this!! My picture from this morning!!


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