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My 2021 Orlando Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Alisha Edwards

Alisha Edwards

WHY I WALK Some of you may know that I serve as the Kidney Donor Advocate at my hospital's Transplant Institute, in addition to my work as a Chaplain and Ministry Education Specialist. I get to metaphorically walk alongside the brave and selfless as they come to give a part of themselves to a loved one or, in some cases, a complete stranger. This is my chance to now walk literally with and for them—as well as those for whom they give of themselves: children and adults coping with the devastating chronic illness that is kidney disease. I also walk to support the lifechanging work of the National Kidney Foundation: - To ensure that families will have a place to turn when they need answers. - To keep up the fight for policy changes to protect kidney patients and living donors. - To drive innovation in transplantation and get more loved ones off the kidney transplant waitlist. Are you with me? PLEASE CONSIDER SUPPORTING MY EFFORTS WITH A GENEROUS DONATION.


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Recent Donations

1. Shelia D Blair
For my brother Jose who died from kidney disease. Thank you for walking.
2. Jaimi Hovan
❤️ ya girl. Congrats on that 5k. Xoxo Jaimi
3. Jenny Sumner Carswell
4. Anne Giles
5. Elaine Lyons
This is such a worthy cause! Thank you for your walk.
6. Beth & Vaughan Grant
You go girl!
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