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Our 2021 Boston & New England Kidney Walk Team Page for Friends of MGH

Friends Of MGH

Friends of MGH

Thanks for checking out our Friends of MGH team's page. We have been walking for 12 years as a family/friends group. We all walk to help raise funds to support the National Kidney Foundation. We walk to honor doctors, nurses, and other support staff that dedicate their lives to caring for and healing kidney disease patients. We walk to honor organ donors. We walk to honor Stephen Bradbury. My organ donor. My name is Peggy and I am the team leader of Friends of MGH. In 2009 I received a kidney from my younger brother Stephen. I am a part of the MGH Tolerance study. I have been living medication-free with my transplant for 12 years thanks for the sacrifice of my brother Stephen and the dedication of the team at MGH. Please consider joining Friends Of MGH to raise funds or consider a donation to our fundraising efforts. Support and research can change lives, it changed mine. Thank you. Friends of MGH

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