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My 2021 Kansas City Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Thomas Kepka

Thomas Kepka

There are so many worthy causes that deserve attention, but I've chosen to work with the National Kidney Foundation because of the stories I have personally witnessed. I have loved ones who battle diabetes and as a result have depleted kidney function. Others have had brushes with kidney issues because of medication overuse. And in 2020, I became a living donor for a beloved friend who had PKD...unfortunately PKD runs in the family.

And through sharing my donation story, I was surprised to hear how many other people I knew were directly affected by kidney disease. Friends and co-workers opened up to me about their experiences, and I'll forever be grateful to have been able to donate and to have heard other stories because of it.

Like I said, there are many ways for you to contribute to making lives better. I thank you for considering this one.


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SMPS-KC is rooting for you, Thomas! You're awesome!
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