Please visit my personal page I am asking for your support for this years 2021 National Kidney Walk-Lace Up, Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am grateful and humbled by all your thoughts, prayers and donations. They are accepted with so much gratitude. God Bless. I support the Kidney Walk and all the donations that help to fund the research..... for my friends, the Gee Family, who have had several family members pass with Kidney Disease-Most recently my friends lost their younger brother. I too have kidney disease, caused by the ANCA and Goodpastures Vasculitis Diseases that I got in 2017. I recently acknowledge and celebrated my 4 years living anniversary. It's good to to wake every morning, to see the sun, my family and friends, to be alive, because God is good and there are miracles. It's also good to have great doctors, Like Dr. James Visser, who are so very smart and work tirelessly to treat those with kidney disease, saving lives, and sadly-sometimes losing a life. Which makes it all more important, to keep investing and learning by researching for ways to treat and cure this terrible disease. Please join me with your kind support towards this years Kidney Walk? Thank you very much, Mary C Lang....... a kidney survivor