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My 2020 Dallas-Fort Worth Walk Fundraising Page

Jeremy Hilburn

Jeremy Hilburn

Hello and thank you for the time and thank you for visiting my page for my fundraising efforts for the national kidney foundation.

If you're new to why I helped raise money for this amazing organization or why I continue to raise money for this organization let me help. In June 2013 I was diagnosed with kidney failure. I walked into an emergency room in Plano Texas and it was immediately diagnosed and placed on dialysis within five hours. At this time I was not working I did not have insurance and the national kidney foundation stepped right in and helped me with dialysis treatments, prescriptions, get To and from doctors appointments and overall health care.

While on dialysis I was able to join three transplant lists two in Texas and one in Denver Colorado. I waited for five years to get a kidney. And my wish came true but at the same time my greatest gift is often my biggest burden. My family lost our father March 15 of 2018 he was able to give me a kidney on March 17, 2018. My father Felipe Hilburn was also able to donate his other kidney To another deserving transplant patient. If you knew my father you knew that he was a great man, but do anything for anybody and loved his family with all of his heart. I will now continue to keep his name relevant and to keep the fight going for the kidney foundation not only for myself but for heroes like my father FelipeHilburn.

This year I have a big goal. Going to try to raise $2500. Which if you know me that means probably 3500. Again thank you all I hope you'll join me and the wrecking crew for a virtual walk this year on November 7.


raised of $5,000 goal

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