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My 2022 Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo Fundraising Page

Liza Hennessy

Liza Hennessy

Why I Walk

I walk because my father has battled kidney disease his whole life. For him, it was not a questions of if, it was when. When would he have kidney failure. Dad was able to get a kidney transplant in 1992. The donor was my Mom.

He got 22 years out of Mom's kidney. They enjoyed every minute of that time, travelling the world, spending time with family & friends. There is nothing like having a health issue to make you appreciate life more.

In 2014 the kidney stopped working. He's been in dialysis ever since. He currently goes to a clinic 4 days a week for treatment and we are incredibly lucky to have him in our lives.

So, obviously the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan has been near and dear to our hearts in many ways. Especially since Dad sat on the Board of Directors for many years.

Please consider supporting my efforts with a generous donation. 


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