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My 2024 Michigan Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo Fundraising Page

Liza Hennessy
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Liza Hennessy

Ed, Allie and I are walking in the 2024 Kidney Walk in memory of my father. He battled kidney disease for as long as I can remember. For him, it was not a question of if, it was when. 

That is not the case for so many. In reality, most people do not know that they have kidney disease. Without regular screenings and blood work, you wouldn't even know that you were at risk. This is why Dad got involved with the NKFM and sat on the board of directors for many years. He knew that he could make a difference just by getting involved and increasing education and awareness.

So, obviously the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan has been near and dear to our hearts in many ways. Today, Ed, the girls and I actively support their efforts, and have for many years; through this Walk and the annual Kidney Ball.

Please consider supporting my efforts with a generous donation today. Any amount great or small is truly appreciated! Also, if you would like, please join Team Mickey and meet us at the Walk! It's a wonderful day out at the Detroit Zoo and we would love to have you!

Thank you in advance!



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