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My 2021 Central Iowa Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley

WHY I WALK I walk because too many families (like mine) are coping with this HELLO, TO ALL MY FRIENDS... As most of you know, I am a Kidney Transplant Recipient of eleven years. I received my Kidney from a deceased donor and have been so very grateful for the gift of living life with NO LIMITS. Polycystic Kidney Disease is why I needed a New Kidney. Polycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic disease which is commonly shared amongst several Family members of mine. My birthday is September 7th, 1965. I received My Transplanted Kidney September 7th, 2009, the BEST Birthday Gift, ever! September 7th, 2013, I married my wife, who has always been by my side through this journey of living with Kidney Disease. You might say I hit the JACKPOT on that 7th day of September.For the past eleven years, I have been supportive and dedicated to a very important organization, THE NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION. Being an advocate for others who also have Kidney Disease is something else I am very passionate about. Raising awareness and fundraising for Kidney Disease has become My Mission to give back for the Gift I have received. Now my Transplanted Kidney has decided it has had enough of Me. I am in Kidney Failure again and looking for another Kidney. If there is any Kind, Generous Soul out there willing to be a Live Donor, Please contact Iowa Methodist Transplant Center of Des Moines, Iowa. 515-241-4044. As I am registered on the Transplant List at that center. I am going to begin Dialysis on February 15th and continue until a Kidney becomes available to me. THANK YOU & God Bless #akathekidneyman #MikeAshley chronic illness, and thousands more will face an unexpected kidney disease diagnosis in the year to come. I walk to support the lifechanging work of the National Kidney Foundation: - To ensure that families will have a place to turn when they need answers. - To keep up the fight for policy changes to protect kidney patients and living donors. - To drive innovation in transplantation and get more loved ones off the kidney transplant waitlist. Are you with me? PLEASE CONSIDER SUPPORTING MY EFFORTS WITH A GENEROUS DONATION.


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