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My 2021 New York City Kidney Walk Fundraising Page

Kevin Longino

Kevin Longino

WHY I WALK I walk because yesterday, and every day, at least 12 people died on the kidney transplant waitlist. I walk because another 20 people were told yesterday, and every day, that they had been on the waitlist so long they were no longer healthy enough to be listed. I walk because I received the gift of a kidney transplant 17 years ago and I was not one of the 12 or 20. I walk because I am compelled to pay back that blessing and all the others I have received since. I walk because the first time I ever went on a NKF Kidney Walk, I met some folks that all had the same T-shirt with a picture of “Bill”. When I asked a sad looking woman in the group “Who is Bill?”, she said “Bill was my husband. He died two weeks ago while waiting for a kidney.” I walk because of Bill and his wife. And all the others like them. PLEASE CONSIDER SUPPORTING MY EFFORTS WITH A GENEROUS DONATION.


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