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Our 2021 New York City Kidney Walk Team Page

Kidney Protectors

Kidney Protectors

Hello fellow kidney walkers, welcome to team Kidney Protectors! We are excited to be back for another amazing year. I first created this team after being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease looking for a way to meet and find others who knew what I was going through, as well as a way to help spread the word. We have been proudly walking since 2012. Let’s go team Kidney Protectors!!

Hi everyone to the team! I am Stephanie the team captain.Do let me know if you need any help with ideas for fundraising. Please don’t be shy with sharing the reason why you walk. Yay KP!

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1. Fun TriniBee
Sending love and healing light. 💫 May God keep and protect you! 🙏🏾
2. Jacqueline Murray
3. Laura Lewis
You have my prayers and my support. God is able
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